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Each month, Christine writes a special column for Stay According to the Stay Thirsty manifesto, Stay Thirsty is more than an idea. It is a call to arms. Founded on the philosophy of Ryan Licht Sang, a shining young musician, artist and writer who passed away at the age of 24, “stay thirsty for life” is Thirsty’s clarion call to shine a spotlight on creativity in all forms from around the world.

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October 2011 – It’s Time To Change the World One Step at a Time

November 2011 – Do Wishes Come True?

December 2011 – My Feet Only Walk Forward

January 2012 – The Army of the Kind

February 2012 – A Wall by Any Other Name is Still a Wall

March 2012 – Do You See Me?

April 2012 – The Child Inside

May 2012 – We Are All Connected

June 2012 – Manifest Destiny

July 2012 – This is What I Know

August 2012 – Not All Who Wander Are Lost

September 2012 – Everything is Temporary

October 2012 – Syncronicity

November 2012 – Take a Deep Breath and Be Vulnerable

December 2012 – What Are You Made Of?

January 2013 – Oggi

February 2013 – A Lion in the Jungle

March 2013 – What It Means to Be Human

Summer 2013 – The Time Has Come

Autumn 2013 – Old Friends

Winter 2014 – Choose Your Own Adventure

Spring 2014 – Sunrise, Sunset

Summer 2014 – Zen and the Art of Walking

Winter 2015 – To Have or to Hold Onto