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If you are an educator, we have some tools for you to help bring kindness into your classroom. Download our reading list or classroom activity sheet!

Here is a great video to help combat bullying:

Warm Feet Warm Heart

Purchase a pair of winter wool socks for each student in your school or class. Ask the students to go out into their own communities and find someone who needs those socks. The students should be asked to document who received their socks and why they were chosen.

Kindness Patrol

Encourage peer leaders at school to patrol the halls looking for those students or staff who are practicing kindness. The students/peer leaders report that information to the faculty representative. Morning announcements can even include a list of Do-Gooders. The faculty representative may also choose to reward those Do-Gooders with a certificate.

Kindness Journal

Ask students to keep a kindness journal. This includes all of the acts of kindness they notice from strangers, friends and family. Discuss their journal entries and help them pay more attention to the world around them, and the people who are practicing kindness.

Drive By Flowering

Encourage high school or college students to work in groups to put flowers in people’s mailboxes or on their front porches.

Kindness Week:

Choose one week at your institution to practice kindness. Events can include:

  • Campus cleanup
  • Toy drive
  • Bring your gently work clothes to school for a local shelter.

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