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Pledge an act of kindness in honor of someone in your life who has inspired you. Christine will walk a mile in honor of your loved one. When you make your pledge you are making a promise to help someone else and do a good deed.

And yes, we are relying on the honor code! We can’t make you practice kindness, but we hope you do.

So how big does each good deed need to be?

It can be as big or small as you wish, from opening the door for a stranger or feeding a homeless person to volunteering. The aim is simple: show someone in your life kindness and feel good about it.


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Your Pledge
TELL US WHO YOU WANT CHRISTINE TO WALK A MILE FOR AND WHY: (Example: please walk a mile in honor of my grandpa who died last year. He was my inspiration. OR, Please walk a mile for my best friend because she is always there for me.)

TELL US WHAT YOU WILL DO IN RETURN TO HELP SOMEONE ELSE, PRACTICE KINDNESS OR PAY-IT-FORWARD. (Examples: I will donate blood, volunteer at a soup kitchen or help my mom more at home.)