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Please walk a mile for my cousin Robbie. He is an 11 year-old boy with Down Syndrome who has taught me that no one should be treated differently because of something he canêt change.
For all forms of cancer.
Christina Hernandez
I dedicate a mile to my family who stuck with me throughout my hard times in school, volleyball and with my diabetes.
Emily Rabot
I dedicate a mile to Jeffrey Zurito, my best friend who has had such an impact on my life because he always stayed positive during the hardest times and he was really sweet. Although he died this past Saturday from battling cancer, he still has an embrace from all of the people he has ever met.
Caroline Bikles
To Adria Dominguez, my mom, who is going through very serious problems in her life.
Damielina Garcia Dominguez
Tony Deromer
vincent scaglione
I dedicate a mile to my Nana Rosie. She died of breast cancer. I never got the chance to say goodbye.
Julia Elizabeth Clayton
I dedicate a mile to my Grandpa who inspired me to always stay positive no matter the age or condition I am in.
Marissa Sblendorio
I dedicate this to my Grandma Josephine.
Myrna Hanna
Please walk a mile for my mother. I love her even if we may fight some times.
Jennifer Delgado
My dedication is to my Uncle Danny. He passed away a few years ago. He continues to influence me to be a better person, and to strive to be the best person I can be. He was a kind, generous person, always looking to help anyone he could. My family and I miss him every day, and I want to dedicate this mile to him so he can continue to do good.
Chelsea Hamilton
For my grandmother Patricia Tyrrell. I will help my family out and baby sit more.
Katie Milano
My brother Roman. In honor of him and all the others like him who struggle with substance abuse.
Luba Starostiak
I dedicate a mile to my Grammie, Germaine Trakas who inspires me. She is 101 years old and still lives in her home in Saco, ME all by herself. She still cooks and even though she's lonely she has such a strong faith and stays positive. (MAINE)
Jeannie Burger
My mom is my dedication. Without her I wouldnêt be graduating early in January, starting college and starting my adulthood at 17 years old.
Tara Marie Torres
Please walk a mile of the White Mountains in NH in honor of my sister Mary who was my hiking partner for years. She went missing while hiking in the Olympic National Park a few years ago and emerged nearly a week after she was expected. I am grateful for answered prayers and her determination. The woods would never be the same without her.
Anne O'Brien
To Roger Zeien
Marcel Zeien
I dedicate a mile for my 93 year-old grandpa. He has always been there for me and I hope to share more moments with him.
Stephanie Wilches
For Natasha Goodman who is going through a lot. I will always help out where I can and help the poor and sick.
Sophia Asayag
For my grandma.
Yomira Liz
I dedicate a mile to Estelle Duran (my grandmother). She died of cancer in July.
Angelica Rosa
To my new baby cousin Allison Lallypop aka Allycat Davis. I will help my fellow classmates with their final calculus review.
Imani Stamper
Please walk a mile for my mom who is in pain every day of her life - it's unbelievable at times. Why not just say one kind word to each person in my path - beginning tonight - and continue with two kind words, then three then four. WOW. It begins with a simple yes then a meaningful yes then a wonderful yes. It begins with baby steps.
Linda Mikulka
I dedicate this to every single veteran! God Bless America!
Andrise Alzuphar
I dedicate a mile to those who participate in breast cancer walks and to youth against cancer.
I dedicate a mile to those students in school who are verbally bullied and abused.
Mario Vega
PLease walk a mile for Edwin Guzman.
Peter Rivera
I dedicate this mile to my grandpa because I love him very much and I miss him.
angelica estevez
I dedicate this to my family for always being there for me.
Devin Bovino
To my grandfather who is fighting a battle with cancer.
Michelle Guzman
To my mom.
Janell Parker
Please dedicate this mile to my dad. He is a landscaper who works long hours in the winter when itês very cold outside, and in the summer when itês hot.
Jeffrey Lederma
Please walk a mile for my mom, dad and brother because they work hard to support our family. And also for my grandfather who is older and still does construction to help people.
Nicholas Minervini
Please walk a mile for my mom. Sheês helped me a lot.
Yachin Banks
This dedication is for my parents.
Jessica Vargas
Please walk a mile for Derek Peterson.
Ernest Henry Francis Meyer
For my dad. I will help him talk about his accident and the struggles he went through in the FDNY.
Karilyn McNamera
Jack Nicholson
jessica marante
I dedicate this to those less fortunate.
Chris Lee
I am dedicating this to my beautiful granddaughter, Margot, that she will always walk in the light and gain inspiration from the powerful women around her.
Catherine Whitney
I dedicate this to my mother because of the amazing person she is and all that she has done for me.
Vicky Soler
I would like to dedicate a walk to my dog Sunny. He has been in my life for 16 years and every day when I look at his eyes, he inspires me to be a better person and think about others who needs someone who loves them. This is for you Sunny: my love, my life.
Guillermo Biro
Please walk a mile for Emily and all the other R.A.'s who do a good job at MSMC. I will help someone.
James Owens
I dedicate a mile to my great-grandmother who recently suffered two strokes. Te amo mucho abuelita.
Ciarra Rodriguez
Please walk a mile in honor of one of my good friends who was killed three weeks ago over a Facebook dispute. He was a neighborhood friend and we always played basketball together. I will continue to encourage kids in my neighborhood to attend school and stop resorting to violence.
Jason Holloway
I dedicate a mile to all my loved ones and especially God.
Maisee Yang
Please dedicate a mile to my brother, Jim, who's fighting to recover from stomach and esophageal cancer surgery.
Donna Burton
Give money to charity.
Mo Izmie
I dedicate this to my mother, father and Autistic little brother, and also my Mema. I will help them with everything for a long time. I will do dishes, wash the floor, take the dogs for a walk and feed them. I will call my Mema all the time and help my brother with his spelling words.
Mackenzie Barry
For my family and friends.
Johanna Calle
For my grandmother who passed away from ovarian cancer. I will walk in Cancer Walk for the Cure this summer.
Ashley Elizabeth Hargraves
I dedicate a mile to my sister whom I havenêt seen in a year but I hope to see soon.
Menfri Hernandez
I dedicate a mile to make a better world.
Joseph Guzzardo
I dedicate this to my mom because I love her.
Seamus Finucove
I dedicate to my mom famiiy. I want to thank her for everything she does for me.
Felix Diaz
Please walk a mile for my parents Louis and Julia who both passed away within the last two years. They were married nearly 70 years and I miss them both very much. I am volunteering at my church in their honor.
Sylvia Baker
I dedicate this for my mom.
Stephen Passanante
I dedicate this to my family, for always being there for me.
Sonak Kolar
I dedicated this mile to my grandfather.
Dionis Rosario
I would like to dedicate this to my mom and dad for being there for me.
Jeremy Cansero
In honor of Tobi, who lived a long and beautiful life. I will honor her life by helping others, volunteering my time to an animal shelter.
Arlene Levine
I would like to dedicate a mile to Alice Faye Gordon, my grandmother because she is the best Nan in the whole world!
Chelsea Ingram
Please walk a mile for Nyree Dawn Alston (aunt) for all the people whom she helped in her short-lived life. May she rest in peace.
Mykel Roch_
To all those people in need.
Shreya Kolar
Erma Tomasino-Grandmother, public health nurse before her time, taking care of the community before it was a specialty.
Rhonda Goodrich
My dedication is to my Pop-Pop who died 11 years ago from Bladder Cancer. He was my best friend and biggest supporter. He was always there to listen and was ready to give a hug whenever it was needed.
Emily Knapp
My dedication is for kids all around the world.
Milagros Guare_o
I dedicate this to my grandma, pop pop, my uncle and my dad.
Carly Ciminello
I dedicate a mile to my sister, Helena, an inspired teacher and a loyal friend.
Diane Gasparrini
To my wife Darla ho is the sweetest, kindest,most caring person I have ever known.
Pete Catalano
Please walk a mile for Lorraine Brenner who is recovering from pancreatic cancer.
nicole hanzus
I want to dedicate this mile to my grandma, because she buys things even if they are expensive for me and she cares for me.
Eden Binder
I dedicate a mile to my cousin Kayla. Her mom died of breast cancer 6 years ago and now two months ago, her dad had a brain aneurism. She has been taking care of the house and her sister.
David Matera
For Jhon, Tyler, Donald, Jimmy, Jonathan + Cristopher (my bros). I will be a better friend to all of them and always be there for them.
Kenny Fusco
I dedicate this mile for a friend who survived leukemia.
Glenn Baevsky
My dedication is for Jessie to walk a mile for all of the animals whom have enriched my life. Growing up there was Willie our parakeet, Rag Mop my grandparents dog, Bo and Blue Siamese brothers, Duchess the best Black Lab in history, Duchess 2 her granddaughter and Buffy, a black Newfoundland who never let you get the last word. As an adult I enjoyed Kasey (grey), Champ (red), Penny (grey) Wiggy (grey) and Jake (grey) all of whom were adopted Tabby cats. They all loved me without reservation, were great companions throughout their lives and remembering them in stories still brings me pleasure.
joseph abrams
My dedication is for my mommy to no longer be sick and be cured from the horrible cancer she has, so she can live longer, not be in the hospital all the time and be with me and my siblings.
Savannah Angel Ciampoli
Rich Vaccar. Rich is the coolest person in the world and the nicest person. He helps me in time of stress.
Kyle Curley
To those around me who need help.
Katherine Landes
I dedicate a mile to my mother, Miriam Lenglet, and my father, Gerard Lenglet. I lost them both too soon in life, but the love and wisdom they gave me will last a lifetime. This week would have been their 31st anniversary; they had an enless, passionate love that you usually only see in the movies. Everyone wanted what they had. When my father passed in 2002, my mother and I become closer than ever. She was my best, best friend. I told her EVERYTHING. She never judged me. She told me I was beautiful everday, and how much she loved me. I remember how she used to walk up to random pergnant woman on the street, grab their bellies, and tell them "You're so beautiful!". I was embarrassed at first, until she explained that sometimes woman feel tired and not very good about themselves when they are pregnant, and it helps to have someone remind them they are beautiful. Her smile was contagious; people would meet her for one minute, and they were never the same. I miss her and my dad so much, but I will always be their baby. I am able to love fully because of them, and I am in love with a wonderful man. I can't wait to pass on everything they taught me to my own children. Thank you Mommy and Papi.
Danielle Lenglet
I dedicate a mile to my dad.
Jamal Greene
My dedication is to my parents, for always taking care of me.
Gabrielle Delvcien
I want to dedicate a mile to my grandmother, Mercedes Ruiz. She has been very influential in my life. She dedicated her who life to caring for and raising me. I appreciate all she has done for me. It it wasn't for her I wouldn't be where I am at today.
Sabrina Valdez
To my little brother.
Vendelle Harrir
I dedicate a mile to my sister Danielle, my parents, my best friends Cristina, Gaby, Anthony and Angelo.
Anthony Catinella
I dedicate a mile to the Chiku Awali children.
Alexandreena Dixon
Please walk a mile for Gabby Dicarlo (she's a cheerleader).
Nicole Pemy
I want to dedicate a mile to my grandpa who died from diabetes and a stroke.
Jonella Wong
I would like to dedicate a mile to Lynell Green. She is my godmother and is battling breast cancer. She is very special to me.
Jaleisa Johnson
Stephen Marleod
Stephen Marleod
I'm dedicating this to my mom. she's a signle parent or three kids and always works her hardest and sacrifices the things she wants for us. she's given me, and continues to give me, the best she possibly can. for that I thank her.
christina cepeda
I dedicate a mile to my dad Mitch Gross. He always helps me out in every way possible. He has also helped me out with my football career.
Tyler Gross
To all kids with no homes and kids with cancer.
Jose Cruz
I dedicate this to my mother who is fighting breast cancer.
Genesis Silvestre
For my family.
Alba Jazquez
To my grandfather, we miss you and you'll always be in my heart.
Stephanya Moran
i dedicate this to my best friend kiran
Miranda Steinberg
I dedicate this mile to my mom.
Arissa Vargas
I dedicate this to my grandma that is losing her sight.
Michael Broun
For Jachallin Oms because she raised me.
Omar Oms