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Become a Do-Gooder! Make a pledge to commit a random act of kindness and help us reach our goal of 2,180 dedications!

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I dedicate this to my mom because she has been through so much hurt and battled through every single obstacle in her life and always comes out on top. I have the utmost respect for her and I love her.
Meagan O'Leary
i dedicate this to my best friend evie
Miranda Steinberg
My dedication is to my family.
Valerie Nelson
To my niece and nephews who have Autism. I will make people aware of autism.
Max Garavito
I would like to dedicate a mile in honor of my parents who I miss so much and wish they could still be here for me. I promise to be a better person and see the world in a different light.
Debbie Scarinci
Please walk a mile in honor of my parents who are both deceased. My Dad died of lymphoma on May 7 and Mom died in 2004 of Supranuclear palsy. I miss them terribly. I am a regular platelet donor and I will donate again next week. Thank you very much.
Carolyn Higgins
I dedicate a mile to my parents, Maria and Juan Minaya, for always being there for me no matter what.
Keyla Minaya
Please walk a mile to my mom.I will help her and do the best that I can.
Nicole Kalra
Christine and Jesse, Please walk a mile for my Dad, John. He is the strongest most grateful and caring person I know. He is not only dedicated to his family he is always looking for things he can do to help everyone he comes in contact we. He is the greatest example of completing acts of kindess that I know.
marybeth leggett
For those who are in need.
Tianna Burke
I dedicate a mile to Lisa Petovello.
Tori Ann Petovello
I dedicate a mile to my mom, Stacy.
My dedication is to my family who helped me over the years.
Pierson Perez
I dedicate a mile for my god-brother and grandmother for them to one day be cured of Diabetes.
Patrick Pierre
My dedication is to my family. Without them I would be nothing.
Christina San Felippo
I dedicate this mile to my family.
Ryan Rosario
For Professor Ginny Davidson of MSMC who died last year. I will be nice to James Beard and walk my own mile.
Dean Goldberg
This dedication is to my sister, Karol Markosky. Every day she works fighting for the rights of the elderly in NYC. Her focus on making this world a better place shines though with her fierce dedication to the environment and human rights. She is inspiring to me every day!
Christy Harty
I hope Gabby gets better.
Marley Martinez
To my little sisters.
Indigo Davis
I dedicate a mile to my dad. He's inspired me everyday throughout my life and he continues to instill great values into his entire family.
Darshi Patel
For my parents.
Xavier Folch
Please walk a mile in support of my family, especially my grandmother who always gives without asking.
Jessica Saca
To my mother, Juyne Evans, who was always kind to every person she ever met.
Gloria Adams
This mile is for Sean Depatto, the boy with Leukemia.
Camilo Rodriguez
I dedicate a mile to my family, especially my grandparents.
Kristina D'Angelo
Please dedicate this mile to my dad. He is a landscaper who works long hours in the winter when itês very cold outside, and in the summer when itês hot.
Jeffrey Lederma
Please walk a mile for my Dad, Donald Burton, who died 2 years ago at age 83. A farm boy, he joined the Navy in WWII then became a college teacher. He was an inspiration not only to me but to many of his students. I don't know yet what I'll do in return, but will keep my eye out for some way to pay it forward. Thanks.
Donna Burton
For my grandfather who passed away from Alzheimer's. I will sponsor a 10 mile walk. However much money people give doesn't matter. I will heighten the awareness and that will be my measure of success.
Madison Roth
My list of dedications might be a bit long, but each one is too important not to include. First and foremost I would like to dedicate my deep thanks to my mom for every sacrifice she made so I could be here today. From giving me a wonderful education, a deep sense of faith and, showing me the best examples of a compassionate heart. She was there for every step, from the best moments to the darkest. This dedication is to her. My next dedication is to my wonderful brothers who I know I can call any time for anything, big or small, and they will be there even if it is just to talk. They are three great guys!! My next dedication is to my loving children and husband who make my days more joyful and happier than I could have ever dreamed. To grandma and grandpa Boyce, your presence and spirit is with me always even though you have been gone for so long.To my Special Olympic swim team athletes and my coaching staff, you inspire me everyday to enjoy every moment we are given. Lastly, to the doctors and surgeons who have helped me fight the disease of endometriosis for so many years and given me back a much better quality of life than I had when the disease started. I owe you my life and my deepest thanks for never giving up the hope I would once again be well.
Rosemary Mahon
My father John who battled numerous health issues his entire life, yet never felt sorry for himself, never complained. He recreated himself and dedicated his life to improving the lives of others. Of on my lifetime I succeed in becoming half the the person he was I will have achieved a great deal. I strive for this. Thank you Christine and Jessie for what you are doing.
Barbara Masi
I dedicate this to Sean Depatto.
Anthony Auresto
I dedicate a mile to my mom who is loving and helps me. I will be kind.
Nicole Kalra
I would like to dedicate this mile to my precious almost 3 year old daughter, Mia Beth. Mia has already overcome great obstacles in her young life. She is my greatest teacher and my inspiration. She is truly my most cherished blessing, and touches the hearts of everyone who meets her. Though there are more challenges ahead of her, I know with her incredibly strong spirit and her big toothy smile, she will get through them beautifully. This one is for you Diki!!!
Lindsey Getner
Please walk a mile in dedication for the memory of my aunt and grandmother who passed away. Every day I miss them. Please walk a mile in memory of them.
Carbino Flores
For my dog. I will take her for a mile walk each day.
Camille Gandolfini
I dedicate this to my mom. I will take out the recyclables for a month.
Ashley Megan Phelan
To my son Aidan John Wright
John Wright
Please dedicate a mile to my mother, grandmother, sister and father. They are my life and they always make me laugh.
Yanibel Rodriguez
To everyone who has lost loved ones to cancer.
Jordan Paul
This is for my Gamma who held my family together through many tough times. Thank you for teaching me why family always comes first and for never letting me stray too far. Miss ya!
Chris Rosaschi
in memory of my grandpa paul for being the best baker all around
gillian weissman
I dedicate this to my grandma that is losing her sight.
Michael Broun
Please walk a mile to recycle to help the world.
Rashan Wise
To mother for putting in her all in trying to lose weight.
George Johnson
I want to dedicate one mile to my great grandma Lee Toskas. She's in a nursing home and isn't really seeing the reasons to keep on living.
Aerin Toskas
I dedicate a mile to Adele Solariês best friend who is very sick and in need of prayers.
Mary Gallagher
Please walk a mile in memory of my mom, Gloria Maron, died in 2011. She would have turned 81 on May 14. Mom made certain I knew I could accomplish pretty much anything with hard work, not slacking, and instilled independence and self confidence in all of her 4 kids. I will keep working to do the same with my own children, practicing the tough love mom recommended when necessary. I will pay it forward by continuing my work as a Board member of Furniture Sharehouse where on Friday, May 11 I will give a tour to introduce the work we do to community members. Find out how to spread Mother's Day wishes at
Rebecca Mazin
To my brother. I will do pet therapy.
Amy J. Matthews
I dedicate this to my grandfathers who served in WW2 in Europe at the young age of 18.
Michelle Flood
I dedicate this to any cross-country coach and to my family for always pushing me to do my best and nothing less.
Anthony Morales
Walk a mile for my half sister Miri. I don't get to see her.
Luca Siragusa
This is a great idea you guys have. Good luck with your walk! I dedicate my mile to my parents. They are wonderful, loving, helpful parents. They have been there for me through good and bad times. They mean the world to me. Love you both.
Jessica Blanchette
I dedicate this to John Kilfeather, my brother, who was a fun, loving kid who tried to make the world a funnier place.
Kathleen McGovern
For Julia Avila, abuelita. I will go out of my way to make people smile.
Katrina Avila
I dedicate this to my dear friend and mentor Hazel Jackson whose love of animals and mountain climbing were unsurpassed.
James Polhamus
Please walk a mile in honor of one of my good friends who was killed three weeks ago over a Facebook dispute. He was a neighborhood friend and we always played basketball together. I will continue to encourage kids in my neighborhood to attend school and stop resorting to violence.
Jason Holloway
Please walk a mile for my dad for always being there for me.
Eric Silverio
I dedicate this mile to my grandfather, Fidel Reyes. He was a strong figure in our family, caring, and very selfless. He worked hard for my mother and her six siblings in the Philippines so that they could all be where they are today. He died at age 91 due to liver cancer and old age. I only hope to live a long and fruitful life the way he did with humility and respect for the beautiful world that we live in. His spirit will live on always through his children and grandchildren.
Regine Marquez
For Patricia Moran, my best friend. I will take care of friends in need.
Shawn Maher
My entire family near and far. I will help the world the rest of the way.
Ania Mary Torigian
Please walk a mile for my Grandma Pat, who truly cherished the beauty of life and the vibrancy and uniqueness of everyone she loved.
Richard Bertrand
My dedication is for all the people in my life that have played such a supportive role, giving me unconditional love. This includes Deanne Vallier, Esmie Robinson, my Mom, my Aunt Patty
Heartie Look
I dedicate a mile to my uncle Loreto Lopez who always taught me never to give up on my goals.
Jose A Rodriguez
I dedicate a mile to my son and his father. They have made me strong each and every day. They make me look for a better and brighter future. God has truly blessed me.
Dominiqua Rivera
To all the people in my life who have stood by me, no matter what. I will pay them back in kindness and spread happiness.
Anthony Krueger
I'm dedicating a mile to the non profit organization Community Partners, Inc. who have been caring for my disabled sister Carol for many years. Carol is severely mentally challenged and her needs are being met by the dedicated workers of this organization. Thanks for making her life a little less challenging and putting joy in her life.
Karen LeRiche
To listen to and offer advice to anyone who may need it.
Victoria Goldbach
Please walk a mile in honor of my parents' 25th anniversary and for 25 more years! Help my family at home.
Kyle Curran
I dedicate a mile to those suffering from breast cancer, ovarian cancer and emphysema.
Victoria Fray
For my grandma. I will spend the weekends with her.
Milton Baker
To my team, family, friends and school.
Asaad Jeffrey
Please walk a mile for Katrina Avila. I will practice random acts of kindness.
Paris Reeves
Please walk a mile for Lorraine Brenner, she is recovering from pancreatic cancer and I'm so proud of her strength.
carolina omelanczuk
I dedicate a mile to my friends Nikki, Joe and Michael.
Julia Suarez
For Lisa Knapp, my mother, because she is my hero and inspiration. She stuck with battling for her education and went back to school. I am so proud of her. I will work at my church's soup kitchen over the summer.
Emily Knapp
My dedication is to all those kids that are physically abused by their parents.
Daniana Infante
To my uncle who was in a car accident.
Joshua Sergio Raymond
Please walk a mile for my mother because she is hardworking who is surviving with one kidney.
Luchena Belizare
Please walk a mile for my friend Solomon. He is a good friend to me. I will help my family by cleaning my room.
Rajat Singh
I dedicate a mile to my mom, dad, Rudy, Amy, Anya, Barbara, Kristin and Jessica.
Lauren Velez
For my family.
Gabrielle Delucien
I would like to dedicate your journey to my father John Ahle since he is slowly losing his ability to walk due to neuropothy.
Timothy Ahle
I wish for people to be happy no matter what happens to them.
Sammuel Melendez
I would like to dedicate a mile to my father, who would have been 79 this week.
Michael McGetrick
To Roger Zeien
Marcel Zeien
To my mom Kim.
Erich Von Hein
I dedicate a mile to my godfather Domingo Santos who was like a father to me but now is in a better place.
Dihianna Santos
I dedicate a mile to Elma Nicolaou, my godmother who was such a good role model when I was growing up,
Eleni Toumazou
My mom is my dedication. Without her I wouldnêt be graduating early in January, starting college and starting my adulthood at 17 years old.
Tara Marie Torres
I dedicate this to my family because I love them so much and I want to thank them for all their help
Angela Kelly
I make my dedication to my grandmother Lina.
Jessica Murphy
I dedicate a mile to my mother Rosa Vargas who has taught me how to treat others with kindness and devotes her life to her patients.
Luchena Belizare
I dedicate to my mom for all her support and love.
Ludie Therancia Joseph
: I dedicate a mile to Kerry Kelemen-Curran for inspiring me to look for the best in life and go after my dreams. ?The fighter never quits.? RIP KC.
Tara Maltbie
I want to dedicate this mile to my grandma, because she buys things even if they are expensive for me and she cares for me.
Eden Binder
Please walk a mile for the homeless and the lonely people. People who are lost in the world and donêt have anyone by their side.
Rosangel Ventura
This mile is dedicated to our new dog Zach! He is a 2 year old border collie/shepherd mix that we rescued/adopted 3 weeks ago. He has brought so much love and fun into our home. I never really wanted a dog and now I can not imagine life w/o him!!!!
Liz Benuscak
To my dad.
Matt Robinson
To my great grandpa.
Allyah Santamaria