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I dedicate a mile to my mother, Paula Vasquez, because of her willingness to help others when she can.
Paola Vasquez
For my dog. I will take her for a mile walk each day.
Camille Gandolfini
For a child I know, Marc Rodriguez.
Joshua Imasoren
My mom, a breast cancer survivor who is still struggling with the aftermath of this terrible disease.
Michael Strano
Please walk a mile for my father who died of lung cancer in 2011. I will continue to volunteer at my local rescue group for pets.
Andrea Lupica
I would like to dedicate my mile to my cousin, Michele. With her boundless energy and positive approach to life, she is a true inspiration that if you believe in yourself, you can accomplish whatever it is that you set your mind to do. As part of my morning routine stop for coffee, I will greet everyone with a friendly smile and "good morning" and at random times buy a cup of coffee for the person behind or in front of me so that they can start their day on a positive note.
Deb Burko
I dedicate this to my family, my mother especially.
Luis Vega
Please walk a mile dedicated to all of the home health aides who give compassionate care to so many every day. I will assist the aides in my agency to identify and work towards their professional goals.
Cecilia Halverson
in memory of my grandpa paul for being the best baker all around
gillian weissman
I dedicate this to my grandpa Tim Flaherty. He was a wonderful person and I miss him very much.
Casey Herasimtschuk
in memory of my dad, Jim Townsend
Maeve Townsend
Please walk a mile for my Dad, and for diabetics everywhere. He has lost both his legs to diabetes, and is now "rolling" instead in his wheelchair. In return, I am volunteering at my town's school library to help the kids learn to love reading.
Roseann Doody
I dedicate this to my Grandma Josephine.
Myrna Hanna
I dedicate a mile to John Skinner.
Connie Felice
I dedicate a mile to my mom because she is the strongest, most supportive person in my life.
Mia Polizzotto
Please walk a mile for my grand mom because she means everything to me.
Susana Liz
I dedicate a mile to Estelle Duran (my grandmother). She died of cancer in July.
Angelica Rosa
To my son Aidan John Wright
John Wright
I dedicate this to my mom and dad. I will get the mail, garbage and do the dishes without being asked. But for my dad, I will help more around the house.
Michael Stapleton
I dedicate this mile to my grandpa who passed away.
John Dugan
I dedicate a mile to Andrea Levy Small.
Dhanesia Pair
I dedicate a mile to my father Eric Ronaldo Cruz who is my father not by blood but by choice. He accepted me, took care of me and loves me as his daughter. I will be forever grateful to have met him.
Ciara Castillo
I want to dedicate this mile to my Uncle John who passed away in August.
Rachel Carrillo
I dedicate a mile to my cousin Nicole Ngan, my mom, my grandmother, my aunt Jone and my aunt Portia.
Liana Liang
For all the victims of 9/11.
Alex Zerviovlias
My dedication goes to my mother. No matter how many miles away from me she is, she always gives me strength to go forward in life.
Maria Dominguez
Arthur kenney
Devon Bolak
I am dedicating a mile to Christopher Dougherty who has been there and continues to be there for us every day. He inspires us to be better people.
Christina Ce[eda
I dedicate a mile to my grandmother Nora Kerrigan.
Michaela Gallagher
I dedicate a mile to my mother.
Julianne Olori
I want to dedicate a mile to my parents.
Jordan Christopher Aurelien
For my mother for all her hard work.
Victor Delgado
Please walk a mile for my mother and father who I lost in the last five years. They were both my inspiration to stay strong. I will volunteer at animal shelters and help others in need.
Jennifer Binghi
To my family.
rosibel ventura
To my dad.
Matt Robinson
PLease walk a mile for my mom.
Nicole Kalra
I dedicate this mile to my mother, my brother, my sister, my dad, my grandma, my best friends and God. Iêd also like to dedicate this to Cecilia, Claudio, Cristian, Catherine, Rosa, Dareline, Crystel, Jennifer and to me.
Claudia Hilano
To all those people in need.
Shreya Kolar
Please walk a mile for my uncle Frank who recently died from cancer. He was such a wonderful person.
Delanna Rose Lablaneo
to my father, Gary Petry, for always being there for me and being the best dad and role model a daughter could ask for.
Stefanie Petry
This dedication is to my sister, Karol Markosky. Every day she works fighting for the rights of the elderly in NYC. Her focus on making this world a better place shines though with her fierce dedication to the environment and human rights. She is inspiring to me every day!
Christy Harty
I dedicate this to my mother because of the amazing person she is and all that she has done for me.
Vicky Soler
I will volunteer in a soup kitchen in honor of my mother and father, who spent their lives teaching their six children to be kind and giving to others.
Theresa Malone
I dedicate this mile to my grandfather who is a cancer survivor. I will positively influence the world with praise.
Paul Overton
I dedicate a mile to Chrysalis Terrado who is going through some struggles in her lives. She has made my life a hell of a lot better and I can't thank her enough.
Jacob Borkowski
I dedicate this to my mom because she has always supported me in all my decisions. She is the best mother in this world to me because I know all the things she has suffered from in the past.
Xiamarca Vasquez Negra
Please walk a mile for my fellow survivors of the Relay for Life Team "The Wish Garden." I will help raise money at the Rockland Relay for Life.
Donna Hughes
For my family.
Chastity Miliano
For my grandmother Patricia Tyrrell. I will help my family out and baby sit more.
Katie Milano
I will participate in the solidarity sleep out, which is a fundraiser for the homeless. You sleep outside so others don't have to.
Doc's PGL leaders
Please walk a mile for my mom because she deserves it. I will volunteer to work at a church soup kitchen and do all of my chores for a month.
Kayla McSpudon
I dedicate this to my two kids, who have taught me more in life than any other person or experience has! They have proven that anyone can be turned into a "softy" on a moments notice! Love you two to pieces!! GOOD LUCK WITH THE WALK -WHAT A GREAT IDEA!
John V.
For my fiancé. I will work with kids with cancer.
Alyssa Kolano
I dedicate this to my family in Ecuador and all the families who havenêt seen their families because of distance.
Genesis Guadalupe
This dedication is to my friends and family who support me in all that I do in life. The positive outlook and support system I have keeps me going on a daily basis.
Brilynn Fields
i dedicate this to my friend daniel
Miranda Steinberg
I would like to dedicate this mile to my precious almost 3 year old daughter, Mia Beth. Mia has already overcome great obstacles in her young life. She is my greatest teacher and my inspiration. She is truly my most cherished blessing, and touches the hearts of everyone who meets her. Though there are more challenges ahead of her, I know with her incredibly strong spirit and her big toothy smile, she will get through them beautifully. This one is for you Diki!!!
Lindsey Getner
For Natasha Goodman who is going through a lot. I will always help out where I can and help the poor and sick.
Sophia Asayag
My dedication goes out to my best friend Rachi Patel.
Amrit Singh
I dedicate this to my 2 1/2 year old brother who's name is Neil. I will walk my dog because my mom and dad get tired and don't feel like doing it.
Palak Oza
I dedicate this to my family and all the Hispanic families in the world.
Elizabeth Zabala
For all of my friends and family.
Annette Carrillo
I dedicate this to Patty Tannone who has cerebral palsy which is basically a non-contagious motor condition that causes physical disability in human development. I will help by giving her food, water and visiting her as much as I can.
Erin Gotay
I dedicate this to my mom because of how strong she has been this year after finding out she has cancer
Samantha Ann Negron
Please walk a mile for a child with cancer.
Laura Vargas Capellan
Mr. Symington Mrs. Heath Einaa Winokur Sheila Granowitz Jack Granowitz
Zev Granowitz
I would like to make a dedication to our military who are away from their families right now.
Amy D'Amico
To my mom.
Jarred Daniels
I dedicate this to my family for always being there for me.
Devin Bovino
I dedicate a mile to all members of my family who have died.
Laura Vargas Tappellan
For my grandpa. I will visit him more often at the nursing home.
I dedicate this to my family because I love them so much and I want to thank them for all their help
Angela Kelly
For my dad.
Elizabeth Santana
I and dedicating this mile to my family, especially my parents.
Leslie Dominguez
I dedicate a mile to my mom.
Margarita Lopez
To my mom who always gave her time to my school when I was young.
Steve Cohen
My cousin Julio Caceres.
Katherine Pichardo
I dedicate a mile to my mom Amy Quinones.
Brandon Quinones
To my new baby cousin Allison Lallypop aka Allycat Davis. I will help my fellow classmates with their final calculus review.
Imani Stamper
Please walk a mile in memory of my best friend Charles McCarthy. He was a young warm-hearted person who was always there for me.
Lisa Lombardo
My dedication is to my mom Stephanie. She is a single mother raising two kids. She inspires me every day to be a better person and she always encourages me to follow my dreams. I love you mom always
Tiffany Scotto
Please walk a mile in honor of my Grandma who passed away a few years ago. Please also walk for my Nonna who is aging and is slowly getting sick. I am going to help my sister with her college decisions and I will volunteer at my church.
Gina Funaro
I would like to dedicate a mile to my parents who have always been there for me.
Shannon Senatore
I dedicate a mile to my grandmother who is battling Alzheimer's Disease.
Diego Arellano
To pets and people in need.
Daniella Christ
I am dedicating a mile to my family for their continued love and support.
Christine Accordino
I dedicate a mile to my mother, Miriam Lenglet, and my father, Gerard Lenglet. I lost them both too soon in life, but the love and wisdom they gave me will last a lifetime. This week would have been their 31st anniversary; they had an enless, passionate love that you usually only see in the movies. Everyone wanted what they had. When my father passed in 2002, my mother and I become closer than ever. She was my best, best friend. I told her EVERYTHING. She never judged me. She told me I was beautiful everday, and how much she loved me. I remember how she used to walk up to random pergnant woman on the street, grab their bellies, and tell them "You're so beautiful!". I was embarrassed at first, until she explained that sometimes woman feel tired and not very good about themselves when they are pregnant, and it helps to have someone remind them they are beautiful. Her smile was contagious; people would meet her for one minute, and they were never the same. I miss her and my dad so much, but I will always be their baby. I am able to love fully because of them, and I am in love with a wonderful man. I can't wait to pass on everything they taught me to my own children. Thank you Mommy and Papi.
Danielle Lenglet
To my grandpa who has prostate cancer.
Spencer DuBoff
I dedicate a mile for Ryan Nally. He is my friend and camper from special camps that I volunteer at over the summer. He passed away a year ago and I would like to keep his memory alive.
Jamie Giuntini
Please walk a mile for my grandmother and my father.
Janay Moore
To my mom.
Rebecca Wellington
Please walk a mile for Aleyns K. Martinez.
Gina Tiso
I would like to dedicate a mile to my friend Gregory A. Jarlson who recently passed away from Cancer. He was a good friend of mine who was like a brother to me. I didn't see him all the time, but whenever I need him he was there for me. He also went the extra mile for me, without me asking for help. I think of him often and wish for others to get regular checkups every year because it can be a lifesaver.
Sharon Dua
I dedicate this to my dad.
Michael Stipek
To my dog Foster who just recently died from brain cancer. He was my best friend and gave me the best years of my life.
Steven Moon
For John Palmato, Jr. I will hold open a bunch of doors.
Sean Harrison
To Victoria Histomski for being an amazing friend.
Sam Owens
Please walk a mile for my brother Nathaniel. He treats me nice. I promise to help my mom around the house.
Nashley Chassagne
To my parents, they've always been there for me, have my best interest and always help me even though I might not always deserve it.
Andrew Raja
I dedicate a mile to my hard working father and mother, my amazing and crazy siblings Bernard, Jr. and Angelica.
Breanna Watson