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Become a Do-Gooder! Make a pledge to commit a random act of kindness and help us reach our goal of 2,180 dedications!

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I dedicate a mile to Andrea Levy Small.
Dhanesia Pair
I dedicate this to Hans Lueders, one of the most ambitious and nicest people I have ever met.
Tom Brennan
I dedicate this to my mom who keeps me going, takes me to all my hockey games and practices, and I would not be where I am today without her.
James Morina
I dedicate these lines to my father who passed away 16 years ago. Equipped with very little education, he worked his way up and never gave up. He did it for the well-being of his family. He set a true example of what is possible with a strong will and love and care.
Udo Fichtner
I dedicate a mile to Ann Pintauro, an inspirational young adult who has changed my life with her love and caring ability.
Thalia Nakouzi
This dedication is to my sister, Karol Markosky. Every day she works fighting for the rights of the elderly in NYC. Her focus on making this world a better place shines though with her fierce dedication to the environment and human rights. She is inspiring to me every day!
Christy Harty
I dedicate a mile to my friend Marcus because he just went through a surgery.
Derek Southerland
For my grandmother who passed away from ovarian cancer. I will walk in Cancer Walk for the Cure this summer.
Ashley Elizabeth Hargraves
To Jodi. You already are spiritual
Robert Funabashi
I dedicate this to my mom and dad. I will get the mail, garbage and do the dishes without being asked. But for my dad, I will help more around the house.
Michael Stapleton
To my mom Rosie Sibio.
Kelly Sibio
To the women in my life, my wife and my daughters, for making me who I am and for inspiring me to become a better husband, a better father and a better person every day.
Richard Gandon
I dedicate a mile for my deceased grandfather Alicio Rios and to my mother Sonia Rios.
Alison Vergara
Please walk one mile for my grandma.
Jessica Kehoe
I would like you to walk a mile for my grandmother who died of breast cancer. Even though she is in heaven I still look up to her and she inspires me in many ways.
Krystal Kerr
I dedicate a mile to YOUR DOG Jessie!
Rachel Johnson
For my Uncle John who died last year of pancreatic cancer. I will do a kind thing for someone each day.
Anthony Nicholas Cioffi
My dedication goes to my great-grandmother who is fighting liver cancer in Romania.
Sana Rahman
Please walk a mile for my wife who is battling spondylarthritis. She is undergoing chemo on a periodic basis. We will help her more at home.
Ken & Keegan Fass
My dedication is to my mother, Susan LaFalgio, who struggled with breast cancer for 13 months and passed away in February of 2008.
Marisa LaFalgio
My dedication goes out to my best friend Rachi Patel.
Amrit Singh
I dedicate this to my family.
Dwayne Brown
I dedicate a mile to my mom, Stacy.
I would like to dedicate a mile to my grandmother who passed away over two years ago. She meant the world to me. In memory of her spirit, I commemorate this mile to her.
Lisa Anas
I would like to dedicate a mile to my late father, John Heaphy. He was/is/always will be my hero. He was a great man - big and tall and full of fun!
Liz Benuscak
I dedicate this to my cousin John. He survived liver cancer, skin caner and brain cancer and never gave up. I will not give up easily and I will be more kind.
Michele Gallagher
For Professor Ginny Davidson of MSMC who died last year. I will be nice to James Beard and walk my own mile.
Dean Goldberg
I wish for people to be happy no matter what happens to them.
Sammuel Melendez
Erma Tomasino-Grandmother, public health nurse before her time, taking care of the community before it was a specialty.
Rhonda Goodrich
I dedicate a mile to John Skinner.
Connie Felice
Please walk a mile for my daughters, Isabel, Gabriela and Ana Maria _ that they always be healthy and safe.
Francisco Garcia Ourgada
I dedicate this to my family because I love them.
Carlson Brebnor
Please walk a mile in honor of my step mom who passed away from AIS. I will make more time to take my grandmother out for a ride.
Patricia Dekler
Please walk a mile for my grand mom because she means everything to me.
Susana Liz
To my mom Marci Johnson.
Ryan Johnson
I would like to dedicate a mile to my friend Gregory A. Jarlson who recently passed away from Cancer. He was a good friend of mine who was like a brother to me. I didn't see him all the time, but whenever I need him he was there for me. He also went the extra mile for me, without me asking for help. I think of him often and wish for others to get regular checkups every year because it can be a lifesaver.
Sharon Dua
Please walk a mile for Tyler, my friend who is going into the Army. I am becoming president of a club at school. I won't just provide strong leadership for these students, but I will also help create a close-knit family.
Rob Petrarca
I dedicate this to my boyfriend Keith Baez. He makes me want to do better in my life.
Jordan Paul
Please walk a mile for my mom - she was always there for me. I will donate blood.
Esther Reid
To those who need help.
Jackie Stracci
I would like to dedicate a mile to my friend, who was always someone I have looked up to for her creativity, her ability to see things from an angle that no one else can, who is brave and adventurous with her life and who has taught me more than I can ever say. I am so much better for knowing her and for the knowledge/wisdom she has shared with me. I dedicate this mile to my friend Baker.
Marisol Bazile
I would like to dedicate a mile to Lynell Green. She is my godmother and is battling breast cancer. She is very special to me.
Jaleisa Johnson
Please walk a mile for my uncle Frank who recently died from cancer. He was such a wonderful person.
Delanna Rose Lablaneo
I would like to dedicate a mile to my mom who has always taken care of me and has supported me with all my problems.
Maria Victoria Gonzalez
I am dedicating a mile to Christopher Dougherty who has been there and continues to be there for us every day. He inspires us to be better people.
Christina Ce[eda
I dedicate a mile to Loretta Blaul, my neighbor.
Maggie Goreczny
To my mom for everything she has done for me.
Maddy Oakley
I would like to dedicate this mile to my sister, Johana Sanchez.
Karen Sanchez
I dedicate a mile to Mr. Dougherty, Mr. Klimas, my dad and my two grandmas.
Thomas Morawski
I dedicate this to my grandmother, my grandfather and my niece.
Erika Isabel Hoepelman Perez
I dedicate a mile to the homeless person by my house, families, kids from all over, my best friends, my boyfriend and my family.
Kristina Atienza
I dedicate this mile to my mother, my brother, my sister, my dad, my grandma, my best friends and God. Iêd also like to dedicate this to Cecilia, Claudio, Cristian, Catherine, Rosa, Dareline, Crystel, Jennifer and to me.
Claudia Hilano
I'm dedicating this to my nephew Sean Lugano who died on 9/11, when the twin towers were attacked. He was a young vibrant young man and loved giving joy to others. We all miss him very much.
Diane Banta
For my terrific dad, John, Sr. who opened a world of art, literature and film to me. I will share my enthusiasm for the arts with everyone possible.
John Matthews
I dedicate this mile to my grandfather who is a cancer survivor. I will positively influence the world with praise.
Paul Overton
To my mom.
Carlos Batista
This mile is dedicated to our new dog Zach! He is a 2 year old border collie/shepherd mix that we rescued/adopted 3 weeks ago. He has brought so much love and fun into our home. I never really wanted a dog and now I can not imagine life w/o him!!!!
Liz Benuscak
Please walk a mile for my dad.
Nicole Pray
I would like to dedicate this to my grandfather and my friend Aleyris Martinez. They were wonderful people. They taught me to be thankful for everything I have and not to take one breath for granted.
Jessica Jasbelly De La Cruz
For my mom.
D'von Martinez
I dedicate a mile to my brother who has kidney disease.
Amanda S. Blando
I dedicate a mile to my aunt Christine who is currently fighting liver and colon cancer.
Elizabeth Camardella
I dedicate this mile for all the people who have been hurt by others in their lives.
Raven Hardinson
I think what your mission is truly inspiring! I would like to dedicate it to all of the youth growing up in today's society; that they may possess good judgment and make positive decisions. The news channels are filled with horrific crimes, people using bad judgment and awful stories. I think it is wonderful that you are doing something that will help aid the good of mankind :-) Good luck & be safe!
Jaime Zmijewski
For my aunt who has M.S.
Marilyn Crespo
I would like to dedicate a mile in memory of a friend that took his own life on January 15, 2012 unexpectadley. Nathan Wilson was a 16 year old teenager that loved his friends and family. He was on the track team at his local high school, and he also was the kicked for the football team. Nathan always had a smile on his face no matter what happened, andhe was always dtermined to do his best. Nathan was also heading to states in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). The death of our friend Nathan rocked the small towns of Harwinton and Burlington. At his funeral that was held in Thomaston over 1000 people showed up to say their final prayers and ask him to watch over us. Before he passed away, he saved 5 lives, because he donated his organs, including his heart. Whoever got his heart better know that they have a heart of gold and the strongest heart out there. His mom who taught at the high school as a Business teacher. She has been the most rock solid person and has been there for all us who shed enough tears to make the Nile River flow. He will truly be missed by all, and in his memory, we ask that you walk a mile for him.
Tommy Rossi
My dedication is for my family and my friends to be happy.
Autumn Castillo
Please walk a mile for Jos_ Guzman, my fellow classmate who took his life a month ago. I want to show him that even though we didn't talk much, someone noticed him and cares.
Indigo Davis
I dedicate a mile to my pop, Charlie.
Amanda Weber
I dedicate this to any cross-country coach and to my family for always pushing me to do my best and nothing less.
Anthony Morales
Please walk a mile for my 11 year old sister because someone that young and small has the biggest influence on me. I will be a more active member of society and be more helpful to those around me in need.
Samantha Lowney
Nora Mazariego
Eva Leal
Please walk a mile for my grandpa who passed away 2 years ago. I will support fellow resident assistants at their events.
Kara Gould
To Ana, Nancy, Crystal and Trace.
Julia Burgas
To my dad.
Kevin Veras
To my father who died
Laura Dotair
To my mom.
Brianna Bruciaga
To all kids with no homes and kids with cancer.
Jose Cruz
I dedicate a mile to the Chiku Awali children.
Alexandreena Dixon
I humbly ask of you, Christine and Jessie, to walk a mile for my Grandmother, Ruby. This woman is 92 years old, and each morning, noon, and/or night when I leave or come home and see her, she either responds with the most welcoming and non-judgmental smile, laugh or song. She speaks of her age as "now, that I'm getting a bit older in my life..." and she constantly stretches her mind and body, day in and day out, to continue to be open to whatever new changes the world comes to see. Her pure, loving soul is my inspiration for happiness and love and kindness, and if I could pass from this life with at least an ounce of her character in my own self, then I will be content with just that and nothing more.
Karen Eilbacher
i dedicate this to my best friend evie
Miranda Steinberg
My dedication is to my family who helped me over the years.
Pierson Perez
To Roger Zeien
Marcel Zeien
I would like to dedicate this mile to my precious almost 3 year old daughter, Mia Beth. Mia has already overcome great obstacles in her young life. She is my greatest teacher and my inspiration. She is truly my most cherished blessing, and touches the hearts of everyone who meets her. Though there are more challenges ahead of her, I know with her incredibly strong spirit and her big toothy smile, she will get through them beautifully. This one is for you Diki!!!
Lindsey Getner
I dedicate a mile to my mother because she does so much for me and she keeps me safe at all times.
Katie Westbrook
I dedicate one mile to my grandma because she helped me with so many things.
Justin Ponciano
I dedicate a mile to my mother, Miriam Lenglet, and my father, Gerard Lenglet. I lost them both too soon in life, but the love and wisdom they gave me will last a lifetime. This week would have been their 31st anniversary; they had an enless, passionate love that you usually only see in the movies. Everyone wanted what they had. When my father passed in 2002, my mother and I become closer than ever. She was my best, best friend. I told her EVERYTHING. She never judged me. She told me I was beautiful everday, and how much she loved me. I remember how she used to walk up to random pergnant woman on the street, grab their bellies, and tell them "You're so beautiful!". I was embarrassed at first, until she explained that sometimes woman feel tired and not very good about themselves when they are pregnant, and it helps to have someone remind them they are beautiful. Her smile was contagious; people would meet her for one minute, and they were never the same. I miss her and my dad so much, but I will always be their baby. I am able to love fully because of them, and I am in love with a wonderful man. I can't wait to pass on everything they taught me to my own children. Thank you Mommy and Papi.
Danielle Lenglet
I dedicate this to my dad because he has done so much for me and other people. He is also a fire fighter. I will show my appreciation and do things for people when they need me like when they are hurt.
Kaitlin Duffy
I dedicate a mile to Che-la Devonshire for being a strong, powerful young woman.
Chelsea Hepburn
Please walk a mile for my mother. I love her even if we may fight some times.
Jennifer Delgado
Please walk a mile for my fellow survivors of the Relay for Life Team "The Wish Garden." I will help raise money at the Rockland Relay for Life.
Donna Hughes
For my mom.
Kim Confalone
Please walk a mile for my parents Louis and Julia who both passed away within the last two years. They were married nearly 70 years and I miss them both very much. I am volunteering at my church in their honor.
Sylvia Baker
Please walk a mile to remember my grandfather who passed away. I want him to be remembered.
Alyssa Gentile
I dedicate this to my grandma, pop pop, my uncle and my dad.
Carly Ciminello
I dedicate a mile to those suffering from breast cancer, ovarian cancer and emphysema.
Victoria Fray
Please walk a mile for my family.
Malik Payne
To my mom.
Rebecca Wellington
Please walk a mile for my dad who tries to teach me to do the right thing, and I do the opposite.
Gennard Dimoia