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I dedicate a mile to my grandpa.
Deirdre Lydon
This dedication is to my sister, Karol Markosky. Every day she works fighting for the rights of the elderly in NYC. Her focus on making this world a better place shines though with her fierce dedication to the environment and human rights. She is inspiring to me every day!
Christy Harty
To my dad.
Matt Robinson
I would like to dedicate a mile to my grandmother who passed away over two years ago. She meant the world to me. In memory of her spirit, I commemorate this mile to her.
Lisa Anas
For my fabulous RA, Emily. I will walk a whole lot.
Melissa Prunzian
Please walk a mile for my mom who is in pain every day of her life - it's unbelievable at times. Why not just say one kind word to each person in my path - beginning tonight - and continue with two kind words, then three then four. WOW. It begins with a simple yes then a meaningful yes then a wonderful yes. It begins with baby steps.
Linda Mikulka
I'm dedicating a mile to my brother Jeff who is a survivor of throat cancer. Jeff's tenacity for life and love of family made it clear to him that he needed to beat his cancer. His progress left doctors speechless, using him as an inspiration for other cancer patients. Rock on Jeff and hope to see you on the trail in the near future!
Karen LeRiche
I dedicate a mile to my dad. He's inspired me everyday throughout my life and he continues to instill great values into his entire family.
Darshi Patel
Please walk a mile in dedication for the memory of my aunt and grandmother who passed away. Every day I miss them. Please walk a mile in memory of them.
Carbino Flores
For my mom because she's always been there for me.
Gabriella Vazquez
Please walk a mile for my cousin Robbie. He is an 11 year-old boy with Down Syndrome who has taught me that no one should be treated differently because of something he canêt change.
I dedicate a mile to the homeless person by my house, families, kids from all over, my best friends, my boyfriend and my family.
Kristina Atienza
Please walk in honor of women battling breast cancer. I am paying it forward by walking and raising money for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I have logged hundreds of miles training, not quite 765, and I will walk 39 miles the weekend of October 20-21.
Rebecca Mazin
I think what your mission is truly inspiring! I would like to dedicate it to all of the youth growing up in today's society; that they may possess good judgment and make positive decisions. The news channels are filled with horrific crimes, people using bad judgment and awful stories. I think it is wonderful that you are doing something that will help aid the good of mankind :-) Good luck & be safe!
Jaime Zmijewski
To the victims of the Virginia Tech shooting.
Jake Dimarsico
I want you to walk a mile for my friend Damien who got killed at a party the same day as my birthday.
Genesis Rosario
To my grandfather, we miss you and you'll always be in my heart.
Stephanya Moran
I dedicate a mile to my mother Rosa Vargas who has taught me how to treat others with kindness and devotes her life to her patients.
Luchena Belizare
Please walk a mile for my grandmother and my father.
Janay Moore
I dedicate this to my family, for always being there for me.
Sonak Kolar
To my aunt who is fighting breast cancer.
Christian Toranzo-Morgan
My dedication is to my Uncle Danny. He passed away a few years ago. He continues to influence me to be a better person, and to strive to be the best person I can be. He was a kind, generous person, always looking to help anyone he could. My family and I miss him every day, and I want to dedicate this mile to him so he can continue to do good.
Chelsea Hamilton
To my youngest brother and my family.
Chanrichny Nancy Uce
Please walk a mile for a child with cancer.
Laura Vargas Capellan
Please walk a mile for my family and for me.
Eric Callazo
Please walk a mile in honor of my Grandma who passed away a few years ago. Please also walk for my Nonna who is aging and is slowly getting sick. I am going to help my sister with her college decisions and I will volunteer at my church.
Gina Funaro
I dedicate a mile to make a better world.
Joseph Guzzardo
I dedicate a mile to my father, who always showed me how to be a better person.
Kaitlin Evans
To my parents because they've always been there for me.
Diany Arias
For Kenny Fusco and Christopher Britch. I will smile at a stranger.
Michelle Fionni
Please walk a mile for my parents because they are really nice and help me and my siblings whenever we need help if they can.
Andrew Braunagel
For my mother. I will call her more often.
Christopher Fandino
Please walk a mile in memory of my mom, Gloria Maron, died in 2011. She would have turned 81 on May 14. Mom made certain I knew I could accomplish pretty much anything with hard work, not slacking, and instilled independence and self confidence in all of her 4 kids. I will keep working to do the same with my own children, practicing the tough love mom recommended when necessary. I will pay it forward by continuing my work as a Board member of Furniture Sharehouse where on Friday, May 11 I will give a tour to introduce the work we do to community members. Find out how to spread Mother's Day wishes at
Rebecca Mazin
Arthur kenney
Devon Bolak
My dedication is for my mom and dad. If I ever think of an event that we can donate something, I will try to tell my boy scout leader to promote.
Sean Costello
I dedicate a mile to my mother.
Shandasia Smith
I dedicate a mile to my mom Nieva Terrado.
Chrysalis Terrado
I dedicate this to my mom because of how strong she has been this year after finding out she has cancer
Samantha Ann Negron
I dedicate a mile to my grandmother, Catherine Broderick. She passed away four years ago at 93 years old. She was the nicest person I have ever known and I miss her every day. She inspired me to be a better person and I pass her house every time I come home from school.
Angela Broderick
For my terrific dad, John, Sr. who opened a world of art, literature and film to me. I will share my enthusiasm for the arts with everyone possible.
John Matthews
To pets and people in need.
Daniella Christ
Linus and Lucy are rescue kitties. They had been in two abusive households before finding the loving caring home they have been in for the past decade. They are Jessieês brother and sister and are supporting her in her journey to walk4good. Linus and Lucy want Jessie to walk a mile to raise awareness for abused animals and to give them hope for a better life. Linus and Lucy have helped in fundraising efforts for this cause having been chosen to be on the cover of calendars for Siamese Rescue NYC as well as for a local animal shelter in Rockland County.
Linus Lucy
I dedicate a mile to my family.
March Ferraoila
Please walk a mile for my dad for always being there for me.
Eric Silverio
Give Food To The Needy
Tatyana Cheynne
I dedicate a mile to my mother.
Joseph Santana
I dedicate this to my family.
Chris Diaz
I dedicate a mile to my godfather, Paul Gonzalez, who passed away.
Lord Gomez
For my grandmother who passed away from ovarian cancer. I will walk in Cancer Walk for the Cure this summer.
Ashley Elizabeth Hargraves
To all those people in need.
Shreya Kolar
I dedicate a mile for my grandmother who was sick for a while and could not walk but now she can walk and I am glad to see that she is strong enough to fight the sickness and get back on her feet.
Ryan Feuster
To Roger Zeien
Marcel Zeien
Please walk a mile for my dear friend John. He made everyone smile and had a big heart.
Amanda McIlhargy
I dedicate a mile to my family who stuck with me throughout my hard times in school, volleyball and with my diabetes.
Emily Rabot
I dedicate a mile for good health for my family and that they always be safe.
Joseph Dunnigan
My aunt who died of liver cancer. I love her so much.
Juan Gallardo
I dedicate a mile to my five children who inspire me every day to be the best daddy I can be.
Andy Person
To my family because they always help me when I am down and if I need help. I will help (my family) them when they are down and need help.
Jennifer D
For my grandmother Patricia Tyrrell. I will help my family out and baby sit more.
Katie Milano
To my grandpa, Vernon Morris because he has cancer and is very sick. How
Kiana Morris
I dedicate this to my mother because of the amazing person she is and all that she has done for me.
Vicky Soler
I dedicate this mile to my Aunt Colleen because she is currently battling Leukemia.
Kayla Karsten
I dedicate my act of kindness to my Mom, aka Saint Vickie. One of 13 children, Mom was truly my Rock of Gibraltar. Her love, spirit and laughter live on, teaching me the real important things in life.
Karen LeRiche
I dedicate this mile to my family for always being there and supporting me.
Raynilson Vasquez
Please walk a mile for my future Goddaughter Kyli, for my fellow staff members, for my best friend in the army and for my family. I will work hard in finals and start tutoring again. I will join Big Brothers Big Sisters and help with Habitat for Humanity.
Darren Kondas
My dedication is to my family.
Valerie Nelson
Please walk a mile for my mom because she deserves it. I will volunteer to work at a church soup kitchen and do all of my chores for a month.
Kayla McSpudon
Please walk for the needy. They would appreciate it.
Anthony Rutherford
My dedication is for my children that they learn that true value should be measured by actions instead of possessions.
Beth Palmisano
I would like to dedicate my this mile to my belated pets Excalibur and Jasper. They helped me heal emotionally when humans could not.
Shari Chapman
My pool teammate Deb who is fighting breast cancer. I will do yard work, landscaping for my sister who has no sense of having an outdoor green thumb.
Helen Fifield
I and dedicating this mile to my family, especially my parents.
Leslie Dominguez
I would like you to walk a mile for my grandmother who died of breast cancer. Even though she is in heaven I still look up to her and she inspires me in many ways.
Krystal Kerr
I dedicate a mile for the soldiers in Iraq to come home.
Justin DuBoff
I dedicate a mile to John Skinner.
Connie Felice
For Natasha Goodman who is going through a lot. I will always help out where I can and help the poor and sick.
Sophia Asayag
I dedicate this mile to life.
Unique Evans
I dedicate a mile to my motherês friend who has twins. The twinsê dad died of cancer.
Justin Hernandez
For my parents. I will be a good son and call my parents every day.
Matthew Vinzo
I dedicate this to any cross-country coach and to my family for always pushing me to do my best and nothing less.
Anthony Morales
For my fiancé. I will work with kids with cancer.
Alyssa Kolano
To my wonderful R.A. I will be a great resident.
Danielle Krupka
For Granny :) I will visit my Grandma at least once a week.
Allison Turnbach
I dedicate to my mom famiiy. I want to thank her for everything she does for me.
Felix Diaz
I dedicate these lines to my father who passed away 16 years ago. Equipped with very little education, he worked his way up and never gave up. He did it for the well-being of his family. He set a true example of what is possible with a strong will and love and care.
Udo Fichtner
I dedicate a mile to my mom because she is amazing and is always there for me and I just LOVE her.
Bianca-Ellie Kennedy
PLease walk a mile for my cousin who is recently pregnant with little money or support.
Miles March
To my dad.
Kevin Veras
I just recently lost my dad and my mom before him. Both were from a far better generation of people. They understood what it meant to "do unto others" and instilled that lesson in my soul very early on. At Christmas time, my mom asked me to wrap my gently used toys for the poor as gifts. At first, it was hard to give up the things I loved but as the years passed, it was something that I looked forward to. Just seeing the happy faces of the children that were now going to be enjoying my toys was such a thrill for me. It also taught me to cherish the things I had and to appreciate sharing with others. As my mom's health declined and her mind and memory taken from her, she never stopped smiling, even to strangers, always willing to share the joy that still gently rested inside her.
Cara Buonincontri
For Lisa Knapp, my mother, because she is my hero and inspiration. She stuck with battling for her education and went back to school. I am so proud of her. I will work at my church's soup kitchen over the summer.
Emily Knapp
I want to dedicate a mile to Teddy, my husband, who always has others interests at heart. He manages to make everyone around him laugh, especially in difficult times, and he is just an all around good person. In honor of him, I will practice one random act of kindness each day towards him and others around me.
Carla Hojaiban
This mile is dedicated to our new dog Zach! He is a 2 year old border collie/shepherd mix that we rescued/adopted 3 weeks ago. He has brought so much love and fun into our home. I never really wanted a dog and now I can not imagine life w/o him!!!!
Liz Benuscak
I dedicate a mile to my family and friends.
Cheng Jeffrey
To my friend Joseph Ogaldaz who died and left a son and mother. He died because of gang violence.
Anger Luis Colon, Jr.
I'd like to dedicate a mile to my Godfather Bobby who passed away in 2006 of pneumonia. He was there for everyone and anyone no matter what.
Lisa Lombardo
I dedicate this to Hans Lueders, one of the most ambitious and nicest people I have ever met.
Tom Brennan
I dedicate a mile to my motherês mom who passed away last year. I hope that her soul is resting in peace. I never got to see her since she died in the Philippines, so Iêm disappointed that she was gone before I had a chance to go there.
Melanie Ann Teylan
Please walk a mile for my mother Mayra who passed away in April 2001 at the age of 41 (cause unknown as per medical reports). I will find an elderly person at the supermarket and pay for his or her groceries.
Jennifer Jenkins
David Archuleta
lindsay zurla
Since this is Breast Cancer awareness Month. I would like this Dedication to go to All the Survivors Both Women and Men that have overcome Breast Cancer.
Victor Velasquez