Walk4Good Selects Bernier Family as Charitable Recipient for 2016

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Walk4Good is proud to announce that the Bernier Family of Madison, CT will be the Charitable Recipient for 2016 for the non-profit organization. A portion of the organization’s fundraising dollars will be donated to the family to assist them with their medical expenses.

ALS. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Amanda Bernier’s diagnosis hit only days after she and her husband Chris received joyous, surprising news: They were expecting their first child, their miracle, the baby they’d wished for during years of working side by side as firefighters and emergency medical first responders. But something was wrong. Amanda has been diagnosed with the most aggressive form of the disease.

What does ALS mean for Amanda? ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that causes the deterioration of motor neurons. As Amanda’s motor neurons die, her brain will no longer be able to control her voluntary muscle movements and consequently, her muscles will atrophy. She has already begun to lose the ability to move her arms and legs and will lose the power to talk, swallow and breathe. Eventually paralysis will set in and then, death. There is no cure or treatment.
Together our financial gifts can relieve them of their stressors so that they can focus their energies on Amanda’s well‐being.

Both Amanda and Chris are known for helping neighbors on their worst days. They do it for no reason other than because helping others feels right. It’s in their blood. They come from long lines of firefighting and first‐responding grandfathers, father, brother and uncles. Saving others is what they do, what they’ve always done and what they know. Amanda and Chris have consistently been the ones who appear; they’re the ones who have shown up gentle and skilled and caring in our dark nights to help us when we’ve called for help.

All money raised through Walk4Good will go to support Amanda and her family. Donate today!

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