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Why Hike?

Christine is hiking the 2,180 miles for two purposes:

1. To inspire you to be present in your own lives and practice acts of kindness.

2. Christine is walking in honor of Amanda Bernier. Just days after celebrating the joyous news of her miracle baby, 30-year-old Amanda, a volunteer firefighter, was dropped a bombshell by doctors after her legs gave out while responding to a call. The mother-to-be was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) — and her world became a scarier place than most people could ever imagine. Amanda and her husband Chris, gave birth to Arabella Grace, a healthy baby girl, on November 4, 2014.  Symbolically, Christine will walk for Amanda, who can no longer take a step on her own.

In 2016, funds raised by Walk4Good will go directly to support the Bernier family and their mounting medical costs.